7 Cycling Communities for Bike to Work Day

Here in the San Francisco area home of Cultivating Community, May 9th is the 19th Annual Bike to Work Day. In honor of this awesome occassion, we've rounded up the best cycling communities around the internet. 

The Chainlink - This Chicago-centric cycling community is almost 9,000 members strong and coming up on their fifth anniversary. The community is thriving, recently raising over $15,000 in a campaign to help use member input to take the site to the next level. They're really an inspiration to all communities - cycling or not. 

National Brotherhood of Cyclists - Want to get more serious about your cycling? The NBC is the place for you. Their mission statement describes their goals as "To create a network of people and resources that promote an appreciation of cycling and its health and fitness benefits, particularly targeting those communities disproportionately affected by health issues. Second to identify, develop and support athletes who will compete in domestic and international cycling competitions for the purpose of bringing about more diversity in the sport of cycling." 

BikeRadar - Need advice on what to upgrade next on your bike? Ask the BikeRadar community and answer some questions while you're at it.

BikeWire - Want to compare your stats with other cyclists? BikeWire is the place to go for your competitive side. 

Beaches Cycling Club - Canadian lover of cycling? Check out the Beaches Cycling Club and join one of their rides. 

Naples Velo Club - Traveling further south to Florida, the Naples Velo Club welcomes all levels of cyclist. 

Urban Cyclist Worldwide - For those commuters, messangers, and urban cyclists across the globe, Urban Cyclist Worldwise is the place to gather to discuss specialized concerns of cycling in the urban jungles. 

Did we miss your fave? Share in the comments!

(Image: Bicycle-theme..., a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from boegh's photostream)

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