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If an organization is investing in a community, they deserve to know what they’re getting for their money. The most common objections to measuring this ROI are 1) You can’t measure everything 2) it’s not about ROI. The first is right, but you can still be accurate. The second is misguided (what does engagement eventually lead to if not greater profits?). There are a few techniques that can really help here.
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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company prides itself on being the gold standard for hospitality across the world and their record backs up that pride: the list of awards bestowed to their properties is quite impressive. Their service has received note, as well, making them only hotel company to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award from the United States Department of Commerce twice. What can you, as a community manager, take from their example?
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How To Make Paid Search Pay Off

How can you drive a high volume of traffic to your new community–and do it right out of the gate? One effective way is a paid search campaign on one of the big engines, like Google or Bing and Yahoo. This can bring in visitors who are actively looking for the specific activities or services your community provides. Best of all, paid search can start driving people to your community the same day it goes live.
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