Bandpages We <3

Bandpages We <3

The secret is out! On Tuesday, we launched integration with Bandpage, making Ning an even better place for musicians to build communities for their fans. In honor of this new collaboration, we're sharing some bands and artists with Bandpages that we just love.

Jack Conte - Half of the YouTube sensation Pomplamoose, Jack Conte is putting out his own awesome Electronic remixes on his Facebook integrated Bandpage, which highlights his summer tour gigs near your location. The other half of Pomplamoose, Nataly Dawn, is also on Bandpage. 

The Postelles - This upbeat Indie Rock group launched onto the scene in 2011 and were touring with Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, and Fun. in no time. Their eagerly awaited sophomore effort dropped in April.

WHY? - In one of the coolest uses of Bandpage's Experiences function, you can have one of the members of the indie rock band come to your house and cook you dinner. Because why the hell not?

Stars - Critically acclaimed alternative rock band from Canada, Stars is a pioneer in the digital landscape. When their fourth album, In Our Bedroom After the War, was completed, it was released online almost immediately.

DadaLife - We're thrilled to have this Swedish electro-house duo known for their killer style and unique remixes as one of our launch partners, showing how awesome Ning + Bandpage looks. 

Did we miss your favorite? Share in the comments!

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