Community Spotlight: Enrique Iglesias Rocks Over a Decade of Fan Engagement to Become One of the 50 Most Influential Celebrities on the Internet

Spanish singer-songwriter, model, actor, and record producer Enrique Iglesias can teach us a thing or two about community. He is one of the 50 most influential celebrities on the Internet, according to Zimbio's annual report. There's no doubt that a lot of this has to do with raw talent, longevity, and cross-cultural appeal, but we'd bet that plenty of it leads back to the fact that there has been some semblance of an international fan forum present at since the late 1990sThe community moved onto the Ning platform over three years ago and has been thriving here ever since.

To promote Enrique's new album and keep up with the changing times, the community recently underwent a site redesign. We caught up with the management team behind and asked them to tell us a bit about the community's major milestones, its redesign, and the future.

Tell us a bit about the Enrique Iglesias community?

Some of the major milestones were launching a Spanish version community and this latest redesign.

You've just given the community a makeover. It looks great! What kinds of changes did you incorporate into the redesign and why?

We've optimized more of the design for mobile, particularly tablets. We've made photos and videos more prominent in the homepage of the site. This is because they are two of the most trafficked sections.

You host caption contests and fan chats, what other types of activities take place in the community? What have been the community's favorite events or most successful campaigns?

We've done ticket and merch giveaways, user generated content promotions, and chats with Enrique in the forum.

Enrique has some incredibly passionate fans and many of them congregate in this online community -- what does it take to moderate a community of this nature and size? Is Enrique a very active member?

It's a considerable amount of work. There are several of us on Enrique's management that monitor the site regularly. We are also in touch with a variety of fans who help bring our attention to things happening in the community.

If you could leave a message for yourself back when you were just starting the Enrique Iglesias fan community and had 30 seconds, what would you say?

Watch out for spam and use the filtering tools.

What can Enrique fans expect next?

Look out for announcements about new music, videos and opportunities exclusively for fans who are part of the community.

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