Community Spotlight: JunoWallet, A Community Motivated by Mobile Rewards

JunoWallet caught our eye recently with the huge amount of activity it drove to its site after just a few weeks on Ning. What started as a simple app for consolidating all your gift cards (and leaving your plastic behind) has blossomed into a community of people interacting and taking actions that get rewarded with credits for gift cards and other prizes.

One feature that really gets a lot of engagement is their Endless Comment Contest. A new question is posed weekly and the contest can end any time with the last group of commenters getting rewarded with JunoWallet Credits. Some of our favorite recent contest responses:

We want to know if you could make up a word that would be added to the dictionary, what would it be and what would it mean? 

Heathea - one who is a goddess, angelic person body and mind (Lathea B)

Crunkaholic - one who parties 24/7 (JC1847229)

Junofy: Taking JunoWallet's Core Values and applying them to everyday life. (Dan Jilote)


We spoke with Kyle Leonard, JunoWallet Community Manager on what the JunoWallet community is like and how they got started.

Tell us a bit about the JunoWallet Ning community.

It was founded around the end of March 2013 and its mission was simple: To give our fans a better place to engage in our daily promotions. Our mission was to build a community around rewards where users can engage with all kinds of fun promotions and brands. I am the community manager and have the support of some amazing people like our Creative Director Abel Jimenez, our YouTube hosts Joe and Cheetos, and many other people who are very supportive!

What made you start a dedicated online community? 

Frustration over the changes that Facebook was and keep making; they have made it so very hard to reach our fans with our messages every day that we had to build a better place for our fans to engage with us. Ning works great because we know that all of our fans can see our posts and we can even email them through the community, which makes things a lot easier!

Are you happy with Ning so far and why do you like it?

We considered MySpace but Ning stood out ahead. Our fans have nothing but great things to say, and if they are happy, we are happy! Some advice I would give to other community's like ours would be to listen to the voice of your fans. We as a company have learned this over the last few months and it has really helped us to have a better relationship with our community.

Thanks, Kyle. You can find out more about the JunoWallet app at and join the community at

(Image: Carbon fibre wallet, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from rh1n0's photostream)

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