Do You Tweet Chat?

Do You Tweet Chat?

If you're on Twitter, you're probably familiar with hashtags. Hashtags group discussions around an easily searchable keyword. Did you know that you can participate in regular chats with other community managers and influencers on certain hashtags? Even between scheduled chats, these hashtags are great places to find notable articles and conversations. Here are the community manager chats that stand out to me: 


#CMGRChat - Hosted by
What: Started by Jenn Pedde and Kelly Lux in 2010, this weekly chat centers around a new topic every week. Check the hashtag Wednesday mornings to get a sneak peek of the topic.
When: Wednesdays, 2-3pm ET
Twitter Link:

#CMGRHangout - Hosted by
What: Typically hosted by Tim McDonald of MyCMGR and HuffPost Live, a rotating group of community managers from around the world gather in a Google Hangout to discuss the week's topic while a corresponding Twitter Chat happens.
When: Fridays, 2-3pm ET
Twitter Link:

#COMMBuild - Hosted by NTEN
What: Focusing on "social sector community management," this is a great chat for those managing communities in the non-profit areas.
When: Tuesdays, 1-2pm ET
Twitter Link:

#LikeableChat - Hosted by Likeable Media
What: Michele Weisman, marketing director at Likeable Media, started this tweetchat to continue the Likeable philosophy of social media (Dave Kerpen's books on the subject are great, if you haven't read them).
When: Tuesdays, 2-3pm ET
Twitter Link:

#OCTribe - Hosted by SF Online Community Meetup
What: The San Francisco Online Community Meetup Group goes by OCTribe and a vibrant discussion happens around their monthly meetups on this hashtags. Check the meetup group for the current schedule as dates are subject to change pending speaker availability. Disclosure: I'm a volunteer with the group.
When: 4th Wednesdays, 10pm-midnight ET (subejct to change)
Twitter Link:

#SEOTalk - Hosted by Malhar Barai
What: It's always good for community managers to keep abreast of other topics in social media, so this chat focused on search engine optimization is great for those community managers who are also creating content.
When: Mondays, 11am ET
Twitter Link:


Did I miss any? Add your favorites in the comments!

(Image: Chit chat, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from mukluk's photostream)

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