Mother's Day Roundup of Great Moms Communities

This Sunday, the second Sunday in May, is Mother's Day. A day to celebrate the strong, child-rearing women in our lives. As part of this celebration, we decided to roundup some of the many vibrant Ning Networks that connect, educate, entertain, and inspire mothers the world over. 

Mom communities with a mission include Angry Moms, which advocates for better food in schools and a sustainable future; Moms For School Choice, a grassroots non-partisan organization that educates families about school options for students; and the Radical Unschooling Network, a place to philosophize on deschooling, homeschooling and unschooling. 

Local moms communities like The Buggy BunchTuscMomsParenting New Hampshire, Carbondale Moms, Mom e-Connect, and Erie Moms, are intimate and active. It's not uncommon to see the forums light up with neighborhood rideshares and chore exchanges. You can find many more hyper-local social networks for moms at Moms For Moms Communities. If your region isn't listed, take the lead, embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and launch one of your own! was created to provide busy moms with useful information, support and tools by connecting with other busy moms. The communtiy shares parenting tips and topical videos like Anna Lappe's TED talk on Marketing Food to Children.

Then, there are the self-proclaimed moms clubs --  a network of online motherhood communities that sprung out of Mom Blog Magazine. These communities gather around shared passions such as vlogging, blogging and gaming. Collectively, the Mom Vloggers Club, Mom Bloggers ClubGamer Moms ClubMum Bloggers Club UK, and Pregnant Bloggers Club boast over 18,000 members.

I am THAT mom who when there weren't enough adult volunteers, stepped up to lead Girl Scout troops to make sure my daughters had that experience.

I am THAT mom who, when my son was wishing he had a brother (he had only 2 sisters),  agreed to host a Japanese exchange student... and our lives were forever changed.

I am THAT mom who cringed when parents talked about how happy they were that their kids were going back to school in August (with their child standing right beside them!), or when parents would say, "I'm not your friend, I'm your mom!" I understand what they're aiming for, but I think it completely misses the point. For me, "friend" and "mom" are not mutually exclusive.  

I'm THAT Mom by Sue Patterson, Radical Unschooling Network

NAVY For Moms is in a league of its own. The community, which launched in 2008, was created for the mothers (and loved ones) of those who are currently serving or considering serving in the U.S. Navy. It is currently managed and sponsored by the United States Navy, Navy Recruiting Command. The site gives members a place to discuss issues with others who share common concerns. Content is member-driven. Questions are asked and answered. Moms share with fellow moms their fears, dreams and personal experiences, with the ultimate goal being to provide an environment of understanding, comfort and belonging to all involved.

Kudos to all you moms out there. Enjoy this day of celebration, and know that you are loved year round! 

Images courtesy of Vijai Kalathur via OzWildlifeStudio.comNAVY for Moms; and Arno Meintjes via Flickr


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