New Onboarding Resources in the Ning 3.0 Help Center

As a member of Ning's Community Advocacy team and our Onboarding Czar, I wanted to spotlight a few of the great onboarding resources that our team has put together over the last few months for the benefit of new and experienced Network Creators. While some of these resources are focused on the crucial initial stages of a community's development, there's a lot of useful information for experienced community managers as well. Here's an overview of what we've added in the last few months:

Ning's Community Boot Camp

Our community boot camp is a four-part series that we send via email to all new Network Creators. It's a brief, actionable guide that helps you take the first steps towards cultivating a living, breathing community. We've spruced it up and given it a permanent home in the Ning 3.0 Help Center.

Community Course 

We've collaborated with FeverBee, a top community management consultancy, to develop a detailed community course for Ning Network Creators. This 10-part course is jam-packed with detailed information on how to create, launch and cultivate an online community. Each lesson has specific action points to address. This is a great resource for experienced Network Creators as well, since you can freely pick and choose topics of interest to you. Signup is free for all Network Creators.

Best Practice Webinars: Ning Community Management Talks

A few months ago, we began an ongoing series of best practice webinars with experts that are hosted every few weeks. If you missed one of the webinars, you can watch it again on this page

Best Practice Posts

We've taken some of the best advice from our webinar series and distilled it into short posts. Right now, there are several posts, and we'll continue adding to this series on a regular basis.  

Getting Started Webinar

Every month or so, I lead a "New to Ning" webinar for new Network Creators to introduce them to Ning 3.0. The webinar offers a short overview that details initial setup of a Ning 3.0 network with content, members, and design. There's plenty of time for Q&A afterwards, and the next webinar is this Thursday, September 5. Please join us—registration is free.

If you have any suggestions for additional onboarding resources, please let me know!

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