Power and Influence

You don’t have much power.

You can remove people and posts. You can write announcements. You can probably prioritise the content of some people above others. That’s about it.

You can’t use your power to get any member to do anything. Much of what we recommend is impossible unless you have influence. You can have influence in one or two ways.

1) You can become a highly respected and influential power user in your community.

2) You can develop great relationships with respected and highly influential members of the community.

You have a choice. Do you spend your time becoming the most influential member of your community or by becoming great friends with the most influential members of your community. The former is more tempting. It’s great if everybody knows your name. But it is a lot more work.

It’s easier to identify the key people and build strong relationships with them. Give them real power and then when you need something to happen, letting them know.

Start today. Pick the five people who made the biggest contributions in the past month and introduce yourself. Ask them how you can help them improve the community. You have to give before you get. Work hard to help the key people in your community before you ask the key people to help you.

(Image via The Noun Project)

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