Richard Millington posted a blog post
Before you spend a lot of money on a community platform here are some things to think about:
1) Do you have an audience ready to use it? This should be the priority. Build the community before you spend heavily on a platform. Why would you launch a…
Jul 9, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
You don’t have much power.
You can remove people and posts. You can write announcements. You can probably prioritise the content of some people above others. That’s about it.
You can’t use your power to get any member to do anything. Much of what we…
Jul 2, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Most communities overlook a number of elements that would increase engagement and participation. Here are, by far, the 8 biggest elements every online community should have.

An epic community history. Your community should have a written epic hist…
Jun 25, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Identify the positive contributions you want members to make and reward them with points. Points highlight the top members, points establish an element of competition. Points let you create awards like newcomer of the month, member of the year etc……
Jun 18, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
The design of most online community sites is terrible.
Aesthetics is put before function. It's not clear to visitor's what's new in the community. You're not sure what's popular at any given moment. The best communities show this information, and th…
Jun 11, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Don't compare community platforms by the features they do/don't have. Compare community platforms by the features that are essential to you and how well they execute on those features. The number of essential features is very limited. 

Discussion a…
Jun 4, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Do you have a moderation strategy? Or do you just remove provocative posts (often the best kind)? 
When members visit a community, they copy what they see other members doing. The important word in that sentence isn't 'doing', it's 'see'. You get to…
May 30, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Designing an online community spec can be difficult, there are some elements I think should be included in nearly every online community. These are:

It’s own domain name.
An application form to join the community.
Facebook Connect/OpenID linked…
May 27, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Direct influence is pretty weak.You can test it, tell your members to do something. What was your conversion rate? 10%? 5%? 1%? It's usually somewhere in that region.People don't like being told what to do. This is especially true in branded communi…
May 23, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
You need to work like crazy to encourage members to make lots of contributions (tiny personal investments) into your community.
The more investments you persuade your members to make, the more they will participate and help make the community succee…
May 20, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Optimizing the platform (the user experience) is part of the community manager's role which tends to get overlooked. Once it's developed, most people leave it. 
It should be an ongoing process. The goal is to increase the number of interactions whic…
May 16, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Growing a community that’s too big for you to manage is dumb. Sadly, it’s the goal of most corporate communities.1 community manager looking after 10,000 members isn’t efficient, it’s wasteful. You’re wasting the potential of thousands of members wh…
May 13, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Sometimes tiny tweaks can make a profound impact upon a community.
A situation like this is common: 
An organization is struggling to get people to participate. They initiate plenty of discussions but few people respond.
Overwhelmingly, the most com…
May 9, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
You usually get a bigger response by asking closed questions. It's easy to answer a specific, closed, question. Do you think that {x} is better than {y}?How many times have you {x}? Open-ended questions require you to think. They require you to risk…
Apr 29, 2014
Richard Millington posted a blog post
Discourse looks interesting. It looks sleek, modern, and displays most of what people need. It's also open-source. It might be a fantastic new community platform. 
It's going to tempt a lot of people to switch platforms...and this is the problem.
Mar 27, 2014

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