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Why I Don't Like The Term "Troll"

I'm finding more and more that I'm uncomfortable with the way that the term "troll" is becoming a catch-all term for "person who's doing something I don't like." It's an easy word to use: say "troll" and everyone says "Ahh," and nods their head in empathy. I've used this shorthand myself. And I'm resolving to stop using it and find out what's really behind the "troll."
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Are Comments Bad for Science?

Popular Science declared that it is shutting off comments because "comments can be bad for science." The logic driving this decision is that less informed, quick-to-react readers may dominate the discussion and lead others astray. We argue that there are better ways to approach the problem at hand and offer alternative solutions to keep the community in tact.
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Dealing with Trolls: 4 Snippits

Trying to determine what to say to disruptive community members can sometimes cause the worst cases of writer's block. You want to be an enforcer, but you also want to be a friendly face they can come to with help. Here are three sample snippits that can help start you on the road to a well-written response to a troll.
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