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If an organization is investing in a community, they deserve to know what they’re getting for their money. The most common objections to measuring this ROI are 1) You can’t measure everything 2) it’s not about ROI. The first is right, but you can still be accurate. The second is misguided (what does engagement eventually lead to if not greater profits?). There are a few techniques that can really help here.
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Don't guess what is or isn't working in a community--gather and analyze the data. Richard Millington outlines a few of the data points you should be measuring and how you can use this data to form actionable insights and improve the health of your community.
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Metrics can paint a vivid picture about whether your existing, active members are more or less engaged in the community, and they can highlight anything that might be a cause for concern. If you want to answer questions about how healthy your community is, begin by gathering data. Join us October 1st at 11am Pacific time to find out how to capture and interpret the data that will tell you if you have a healthy community.
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