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Communities are collections of people, with desires and egos. Instead of worrying about community in terms of technical platform or UX experience, let’s focus on what makes people tick and want to participate in our online communities. Join us September 10th to learn the ins and outs of connecting with your community in a humanized way.
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Upcoming Webinar: The Community Lifecycle

The Online Community Lifecycle is the single most important thing a community manager can know. Attend our upcoming webinar on August 29th, and at the end of one hour you will have a full understanding of this concept. It might just completely change the way you approach your community.
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Publish content that your community will love, and you may never be a victim of writer's block again. This sounds like a paradox, but it is the reality of creating a terrific content strategy. In Content and Community, Richard Millington offers advice on the types and frequency of content that you should be developing for your community.
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Converting newcomers into active, longtime members of your community doesn't happen overnight. Only about 9% of new visitors will ever register for your community, and an even smaller percentage will engage with other community members on a regular basis. In this video, Richard Millington discusses how to craft a new member strategy with warm welcoming content that will help you capture and cultivate the best members for your community.
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The majority of communities struggle to sustain high levels of activity in their communities. We typically only hear about the rampant success stories. It’s fun to believe that a community will just attract members and explode to life. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, an understanding of why people participate in communities, some principles of activity, and a clear plan of action.
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Every few weeks, Ning invites a leading expert to discuss trending topics and best practices for community management. Watch the recordings here.

More than two million people have built a branded social network on Ning. Many of these customers now enjoy thriving online communities. You can find a few of those success stories here.

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Growing a thriving online community is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Our goal at Ning is to make building a community dead simple. We provide an incredibly reliable, popular, and easy-to-use platform so you can focus on cultivating your community.

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